Computing and digital skills


Search for computing and digital skills courses

Digital skills are an important part of life, this includes knowing how to: 

  • use a smartphone or tablet  
  • access online services confidently and safely  
  • use email 

Our courses can help to build confidence in the workplace or gain a qualification. Available courses include:    

  • digital inclusion – skills for beginners 
  • MS Office courses 
  • creative digital and small business courses 
  • essential digital skills qualifications 
  • level 2 digital skills qualifications 

All our courses give you: 

  • support and training in MS Teams 
  • use of Office 365  
  • space to practise in our learner lounge 
Person on computer

Digital Inclusion – skills for beginners and building confidence

You can start right at the beginning with ICT for Beginners, by:

  • learning how to use a mouse
  • finding your way around a computer
  • searching the internet
  • emailing

MS Office courses

These courses are suitable for intermediate level learners.  You’ll start with an introduction to Microsoft Office and go on to explore:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

The courses will help build your confidence and get digital skills that are essential in the workplace.

HALS students
Student at a computer

Creative and enterprise skills

You can follow a set of three short courses to: 

  • build your own website 
  • set up online payments  
  • promote your online profile 

You can also try beginner or intermediate level: 

  • Photoshop 
  • Illustrator  
  • InDesign

Essential digital skills qualifications

If you need to update your knowledge in how files and folders are managed and stored in the online space, these courses are a great way to do this.

The courses at entry level and level 1, enable you to understand and develop skills in:

  • working and staying safe online
  • using tools like MS Teams for online communication
HALS classroom
HALS student in classroom

Level 2 digital skills qualifications

For more advanced learners we offer qualifications in:

  • coding
  • digital promotion for business
  • Level 2 in digital skills

These will give you the most up-to-date skills for business growth. The courses also contain project work so you can: 

  • work with people
  • develop project management skills
  • become more employable in the job market