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Multiply is a course to help adults without a level 2 or GCSE in maths to build confidence in numbers or gain a qualification.  

The course is funded by the Department for Education and the Greater London Authority. 

Get in touch with us if you’re interested in building your numeracy skills. You can also try this quick quiz that you may need to complete before beginning a course with us: 

Take a quick numeracy quiz (

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Community partners

We know how important good numeracy number skills are and we have funding to help community partners organise workshops and courses that may: 

  • unlock job opportunities  
  • lead to higher wages  
  • prepare you for further study 
  • help with children’s homework  
  • help with everyday tasks like budgeting 

Workshops available

Our Multiply programme includes short numeracy workshops in: 

  • money management
  • data literacy
  • introduction to data analysis
  • maths for healthcare

If you have any ideas for partnerships, contact us.

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What our learners said

Here is what some of our learners on the numeracy workshops had to say: 

“Before I was scared of maths and I didn’t understand. But now I am very happy because I know and I am waiting to do more. For me it is helping in my house and when I go shopping – it is more easy. It is good for me. I can understand. I am happy.”

- Maryam Mohammed

"I used to look at maths and get really scared. Maths was my biggest fear. But now I sit down together with my daughter to try to work out the answer which is great. Once you understand it, you can’t be scared of it – it’s more simple than I thought."

- Mahjabeen Jaffer

"I was scared but I learned a lot. I did the workshop to help myself and my kids. I also learned more English words like ‘measurement’ and ‘perimeter’ - so I learned English and maths! With the group we helped each other. It was very fun."

- Amaal Hussein