Council imposes over £100,000 in fines for HMO licensing failures

Since the start of 2024, Haringey Council has issued fines totalling £108,000 to landlords and letting agents who have failed to license their houses in multiple occupation (HMO).
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Landlords who rent out their properties to at least three tenants forming more than one household who share toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities with other tenants are legally required to obtain a license.

An additional HMO licensing scheme has been in operation across the whole of Haringey since 2019 to ensure landlords take maximum responsibility as well as maintain the safety and quality of standards in shared housing.

Renting properties without a license is not tolerated in Haringey. Anyone found to be deliberately avoiding licencing will be subject to a Civil Penalty Notice (CPN) which can lead to a maximum penalty of £30,000.

Tenants who live in unlicenced properties may be entitled to up to 12 months’ rent repaid back to them through Rent Repayment Orders.

Eubert Malcolm, Assistant Director for Stronger and Safer Communities, at Haringey Council, said: "Our priority is and always will be to protect our tenants welfare and ensure they live in safe, well-maintained homes.

“These fines send a clear message that we will not tolerate negligence from landlords and letting agents.

“We are committed to upholding high standards for all rental properties in Haringey."

Haringey council are committed to identifying and addressing non-compliant properties across the borough and encourages tenants to report any concerns about their living conditions.

Check if your property is licensed here.

If you suspect that a privately rented property is unlicensed, or doesn't comply with Haringey’s licensing conditions, you can report it through the council's website.

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