Improvements to parking for disabled people

What we've done with residents to improve parking for disabled people.

We continue to work with disabled residents to reshape disabled parking provision in Haringey. Residents wanted to: 

  • tackle theft 
  • increase enforcement 
  • improve the application process 
  • increase accessibility 

Tackling theft and increasing enforcement 

For many disabled residents, Blue Badge theft is a huge concern. Residents wanted:  

  • a more robust enforcement policy which they helped develop  
  • the companion badge (now the virtual (paperless) Resident Blue Badge holder permit to be free to increase take up 
  • a rethink of the admin fee for a replacement Blue Badge  
  • more technology to be used to tackle fraudulent Blue Badge use 
  • more operations with the police to catch people misusing Blue Badges 

As a result, we have: 

  • an approved Blue Badge enforcement policy Blue Badge enforcement policy which will prevent, detect and deal with Blue Badge misuse
  • a compliance team which allows us to undertake more operations to search for stolen and fraudulent Blue Badges to help crack down on crime and prosecute offenders   
  • a free resident Blue Badge holder permit
  • removed the £10 replacement fee for stolen Blue Badges which supports disabled residents who are victims of the crime 
  • a feature on our civil enforcement officer’s handheld devices to check the status and authenticity of a Blue Badge during their day-to-day operations to help confiscate more stolen and fraudulent Blue Badges 
  • more joint operations with the local police to identify and take action against Blue Badge misuse 
  • ensured that the resident blue badge holder permit can be used on single and double yellow lines 
  • introduced a fraud line and online form where residents can anonymously report if they have been offered a Blue Badge for sale, or if they know someone who is selling one

Report Blue Badge fraud.

Improving the application process 

Disabled residents felt the application process could be improved for Blue Badges and disabled bays.  

As a result, we have: 

  • an online system to make the Blue Badge application quicker and easier, including real-time status updates and online debit and credit card payments 
  • extended the Department for Transport criteria for disabled bays to not just be based on benefits 
  • introduced appeals for disabled bays 

Find out about dedicated disabled bays.

Increasing accessibility  

Disabled residents felt there needed to be a permit system to ensure no one else could use their parking bay. They also felt disabled parking bays were too small and the criteria for dedicated disabled bays should be extended to those with hidden disabilities.  

As a result, we have: 

  • dedicated disabled bays which allows Blue Badge holders who meet our criteria to park in secure designated parking bays outside or near their home or workplace 
  • increased the length of disabled bays to 6.6 metres  
  • made sure that residents with ‘hidden disabilities’ can also apply for a dedicated disabled bay 
  • an ongoing communications campaign to ensure people do not use disabled parking bays unless they have a Blue Badge 
  • introduced the resident care at home permit for residents who receive care in their home

Help and support 

All disabled people have different needs. If there’s anything you feel we can do to improve disabled parking, please contact us.

Contact Customer Services: disabled parking