Flooding, blocked gullies and drains

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There is a large network of gullies and drains across Haringey. Sometimes they become blocked and flood the road. If you see a flood, you can report it online.

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What we do

We will:

  • visit the reported gulley or drain within 5 working days and decide how urgently it needs to be fixed
  • repair dangerous or serious issues within 24 hours to 7 working days
  • repair non-serious issues within 28 working days – however, this depends on the resources that are available and it may take longer


Visit our pages about types of flooding and risk management.

Clearing blocked gullies

Gullies in higher-risk areas are cleaned annually. Any reports of blocked gullies in lower-risk areas are cleaned as part of our reactive gully maintenance programme.

Gully cleaning programme

We visit all wards as part of our highways cyclical gully cleaning programme, and some roads in critical drainage areas will be cleaned twice yearly.

Parking suspensions will be in place to make sure we can clear all the gullies. We'll put up notices before the work starts.

The gully cleaning programme will target areas where it's most needed. For example, areas with a history of flooding and main roads will be cleaned more often than areas where there are no gully drainage issues.

Blocked public sewers

Thames Water looks after the network of public sewers. Contact Thames Water to report a blocked sewer.

We are responsible for drainage from the gully until its connection with Thames Water sewers. Most of the drainage systems in the borough are the responsibility of Thames Water.

Blocked drains to private properties

The owner of a private property is responsible for maintaining and clearing its drains.

If a private drain is blocked, we can serve a notice on the owner giving them 48 hours to clear it.

If the drain is not cleared within 48 hours, we'll arrange for the work to be done and charge the owner for the total cost, with an extra 30% charge.