Woodside Ward 2014 Local Election Results

Part of: Local election results May 2014

Below are the 22 May 2014 election results for the Woodside ward of Haringey.

Name of Candidate Party Votes Elected?
ADAN Bee Independent 61  
ALLAN Kirsty Liberal Democrats 361  
BROWN Craig Liberal Democrats 418  
DEAN Kathryn Green Party 406  
EGAN Patrick Alphonsus Labour Party 1,947 Yes
GAUTAMI Jack Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 100  
GRAVETT Jodie Louise UK Independence Party (UKIP) 259  
MEEHAN George Francis Labour Party 2,018 Yes
NOBLE David Conservative Party 271  
PEARCE Laurence Conservative Party 244  
RENNIE David Green Party 342  
SHAUGHNESSY Mike Green Party 254  
SHEEN David Conservative Party 207  
SQUIRE Roxanne Liberal Democrats 393  
WATERS Ann Margaret Labour Party 1,865 Yes

Percentage turnout: 35.30%