Doctors' parking permit

Who can apply for a doctor's permit, where you can park, permit cost, refunds, change permit details and terms and conditions.

About a doctors' parking permit

A doctor's permit allows GPs, or those authorised by the GP or NHS practice, to park in the doctors’ parking bay for their practice. 

Who can apply? 

You can apply for a doctor's permit if: 

  • you're a doctor or health professional and can show that you need your vehicle nearby to do your job – this does not include getting to and from work 
  • your practice has a doctors' parking bay to use 

Where you can park  

The permit lets you park in the doctors' parking bay for your practice. 


£430 per year. 


If you no longer need it, you can cancel your permit and may get a refund

Change permit details 

You can change your vehicle details or change your address

Terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions for parking permits.