Get married or form a civil partnership: step by step

How to get married or form a civil partnership in Haringey, including how to give notice and what evidence you need to provide.

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  1. You need to check if you are both eligible to get married or form a civil partnership before you can give notice. 

  2. Choose what type of ceremony to have

    How to plan your ceremony, including how to choose the type of ceremony you want.

  3. Book a registrar and a ceremony venue

    Choose where to have your ceremony, in the Earlham Suite at George Meehan House or an approved venue, and how to book a registrar.

  4. Give notice

    Before you can get married or have a civil partnership, you and your partner must give notice at your local register office.

  5. Proof of your identity

    Documents and information you need to provide at your notice appointment to prove your identity, including your name, date of birth and nationality.

  6. Other evidence you need to providence when you give notice, including your address and details of previous marriages or civil partnerships.

  7. Proof of your immigration status

    If you or your partner are subject to immigration, certain rules will apply.

  8. Your ceremony

    What happens during a civil marriage or civil partnership ceremony.

  9. Book an urgent ceremony if someone is seriously ill

    Urgent marriage or civil partnership ceremonies where someone is seriously ill.

  10. Ceremonies outside of England and Wales

    What you need to do if you're getting married or having a civil partnership abroad or outside of England and Wales.