Proof of your address and of previous marriages or civil partnerships

Other evidence you need to providence when you give notice, including your address and details of previous marriages or civil partnerships.

As well as proving your identity, you also need to prove where you live.

Proof of your address

To prove your address please bring along an original of one of the following documents:

  • a utility bill less than 3 months old – this could be a water, electricity, gas or broadband bill but not a mobile phone bill
  • a bank statement less than a month old
  • your most recent Council Tax bill
  • a UK driving licence with your current address
  • a legal statement declaring a person lives at your address  – you can use this as evidence if you've recently moved to Haringey (including temporarily) and have valid supporting evidence from this list for the person completing the statement  

Previous marriages and civil partnerships

To prove your previous marriage or civil partnership has ended, please provide one of the following.

The original UK decree absolute

This is the final divorce document and must be the original. You can get your decree absolute from GOV.UK.

Overseas divorce papers

This must be the original and final divorce. If the divorce is not in English you will need to provide a full third-party translation.

You or your partner cannot do the translation, but a friend or relative can. There is no need to pay for a professional translation.

A death certificate 

This must be the original death certificate and link you to your former husband, wife or civil partner. Please bring the original marriage or civil partnership certificate to your appointment if you have it, so we can establish a link.

Documents confirming annulment or dissolution

If a marriage or civil partnership has been annulled or dissolved you will need to show an original document proving this. If the document is not in English you will need to provide a third-party translation.