Choose what type of ceremony to have

How to plan your ceremony, including how to choose the type of ceremony you want.

If you're planning to get married or form a civil partnership in Haringey, you must first decide where your ceremony will be held before you give notice.

Types of ceremonies and where to have them

If you're getting married, you can have either a:

  • religious ceremony
  • non-religious civil ceremony 

If you're forming a civil partnership you can have a civil ceremony, but not a religious ceremony.

Civil ceremonies

You can have a civil ceremony at George Meehan House or in any approved venue.

Religious marriage ceremonies

You can have a marriage ceremony at any religious building registered as a marriage venue. Your marriage must be registered immediately after the ceremony by an authorised person, such as a religious minister.

If the venue does not have an authorised person you must book a registrar to attend the ceremony and register the marriage.

Marriage and civil partnership certificates 

One marriage or civil partnership certificate is included in the cost of your ceremony. You can order copies of your certificate online.

Due to changes that happened in 2021, you no longer will be given a paper certificate on the day. 

Where you can't have your ceremony

You can't get married or form a civil partnership in:

  • a private house
  • a marquee
  • any other moveable structure, such as a boat or hot air balloon